Covenant Groups

Covenant groups are a great way to build lasting relationships with fellow congregants and a deeper connection to the church. Eight to twelve members agree (or covenant) to meet once or twice a month to reflect on the church’s monthly themes, share their spiritual paths, and enjoy fellowship. Some covenant groups have developed such a strong bond that they have met for years.

If you’d like to join a covenant group, complete the covenant group interest form. For more information, contact the Covenant Group Committee (

Download the Covenant Group manual.

You can access all of the covenant group guides below. Each month, we'll upload a new guide for that month's theme.

Spiritual themes for 2016-17

Spiritual themes for 2017-18

Spiritual themes for 2018-19

  • September: Possibility
  • October: Covenant
  • November: Transience
  • December: Mystery and Wonder
  • January: Purpose
  • February: Risk
  • March: Power
  • April: Creation
  • May: Mercy
  • June: Giving and Receiving