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Covenant Group registration open

Dear All Souls Family,

It's time for our Fall 2014 Covenant Group Registration!

Covenant groups are intentional lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the ministry of the congregation. These small groups, which meet in members' homes, build community and provide opportunities for deeper relationships and spiritual exploration. The intimacy you may have trouble finding in our large congregation can be found over time meeting with your group.

Your group will share life experiences, stories, and sacred readings related to the church's monthly spiritual theme. During your time together you learn how to care for, and be present with, one another. You gain a willingness and ability to listen without comment or advice, to learn from others, and to share from the soul.

Rev. Dr. Susan Newman MooreYou may register for a place in a covenant group from Thursday, September 25, through Thursday, October 2, by clicking on the menu tab "Community," and then on "Covenant Groups." 

Brothers and Sisters, come let us covenant together!

Rev. Susan

Third Century Challenge Construction Updates

Construction at All Souls
New sconces on the terrace
Pierce Hall coffee machine

Watch a slideshow of the renovation project's progress.

Last week (September 15-19)

New sconces for the terrace

  • Dry wall installation and repairs, as well as plastering work, continued in the renovated spaces.
  • Pipes for our new heating system were installed.
  • New pavers were installed at the 16th street front entrance.
  • New outside lamps were installed near doors. They look great.
  • Conduit was installed for lights on the terrace. We will have LOTS of light there, including these beautiful sconces.


Over the next two weeks

New Pierce Hall coffee machine

  • Pepco is expected to switch the building over to new power panels, which are already in place. Once this happens, testing of the elevator can begin.
  • Pavers for the terrace should be delivered.
  • Cement will be poured for the front (16th Street) ramp.
  • Painting work will begin.
  • Analog lines will be installed for fire alarms, security hardware, and areas of refuge within the building. An area of refuge is designed to hold occupants during a fire or other emergency when evacuation may not be safe or possible.
  • The new coffee machine will be hooked up in Pierce Hall.

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