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Pay for the Reeb Project trip

February 12-14, 2016.

We are asking riders if they can to contribute to the cost of the bus trip. Because we are reserving the bus for two days our costs are going up from 2014, and even though All Souls will be partially subsidizing the costs we still need contributions. The requested amount is $100 per person for adults, round trip, and $60 for children and youth (under 18).

If you are unable to contribute we still want you to come! Just pay what you are able--if anything--and we will take care of the rest.

To help everyone attend, we are asking those who are able to consider making an additional contribution. Many of you indicated you could support others' travel on your registration, so now's the time to chip in for that, as you are able. Thank you!

Go here to pay for the Reeb Project for Voting Rights service trip to Raleigh, NC.

All Souls Weather Cancellation Policy

If we decide to cancel or postpone any meetings, events, religious education, or worship due to weather, we will promptly inform the congregation here on the church website. In the event of a weekend storm, we will make a cancellation decision as early as possible, preferably by early Saturday evening. Cancellation decisions are dictated both by the timing and the severity of weather conditions. Most often, the church will be open for services as planned, regardless of weather. We encourage you to be safe and to use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to come to church services during extreme weather conditions. Generally the church follows DC’s government office closure decisions. When possible we will communicate Sunday closures with an email blast to our regular distribution list.

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