To build the Beloved Community, All Souls cultivates and celebrates . . .

Beloved Conversations: Meditations on Race and Ethnicity

All Souls is excited to announce the start of a powerful pathway for spiritual growth and relationship building that advances our dream of beloved community. A transformative curriculum grounded in spiritual practice and our UU faith, Beloved Conversations is a learning laboratory for how to live healthily in a multiracial, multicultural, theologically diverse community, and how to work for a racially just world, both within and beyond our congregation. Led by Dr. Mark Hicks, Meadville Lombard Professor of Religious Education, Beloved Conversations opens with a 1.5-day immersive retreat at All Souls (Fri., Apr. 13, 6:00-9:30 pm & Sat., Apr. 14, 9:00 am-4:45 pm). A light dinner and lunch will be served. After the retreat, small groups of 10-15 people will meet for four two-hour weekly sessions, either on Monday evenings or Wednesday evenings. Click on the group that fits your schedule to register.

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