Voting Rights

February service trip to Raleigh, North Carolina

We are asking riders if they can to contribute to the cost of the bus trip. Because we are reserving the bus for two days our costs are going up from 2014, and even though All Souls will be partially subsidizing the costs we still need contributions. The requested amount is $100 per person for adults, round trip, and $60 for children and youth (under 18).

If you are unable to contribute we still want you to come! Just pay what you are able--if anything--and we will take care of the rest.

To help everyone attend, we are asking those who are able to consider making an additional contribution. Many of you indicated you could support others' travel on your registration, so now's the time to chip in for that, as you are able. Thank you!

Go here to pay for the trip.

Join the Reeb Project for the Feb. 13 Moral March in Raleigh and a Feb. 14 voter registration action with the UU Fellowship of Raleigh.

Our partners in North Carolina, Rev. Barber and the NC-NAACP, along with Democracy North Carolina, recently put out a call for an 80-day voter engagement campaign by people of faith leading up to the February voter registration deadline for the primary, a massive souls-to-the-polls movement. Our work at All Souls will be in alignment with that goal and in partnership with other UU congregations in North Carolina.

As we have in the past two years, the Reeb Project will organize an All Souls trip for the Moral March, an annual gathering of the “fusion coalition” of 150 organizations led by the NC-NAACP. People of faith and progressive allies will march to the state capitol in Raleigh to demand moral accountability from the government. And because of the urgency of the call for voter registration, we are adding an optional second day to the trip for voter registration with the UU Fellowship of Raleigh.

About the All Souls Trip

The Reeb Project will coordinate travel and housing for All Souls members and friends in the Moral March. We will also partner with the UU Fellowship of Raleigh for a voter registration action on Sunday, February 14. Rev. Hardies will join us at the March (is only All Souls event during his sabbatical), and he will preach on Sunday morning at UUFR before the voter registration action.

Register for the trip here:

Below are the options to join the All Souls trip: for the Moral March only or for the March and voter registration action.

Option 1: March only (Fri., Feb. 12 – Sat., Feb. 13)

  • Fri. 6 pm: Bus departs ASC for Raleigh (dinner on the road)*
  • Fri. 11 pm: Arrive Raleigh, overnight in motel*
  • Sat. morning: Moral March
  • Sat. 2 pm: All Souls bus departs for DC
  • Sat. 7 pm: Arrive back at ASC

*Or make your own travel and housing arrangements

Option 2: March plus voter registration action (Fri., Feb. 12 – Sun., Feb. 14)

  • Friday 6 pm: Bus departs ASC for Raleigh (dinner on the road)*
  • Friday 11 pm: Arrive Raleigh, overnight in motel*
  • Sat. morning: Moral March
  • Sat. evening: Dinner with UUFR and go to supporter housing
  • Sun. morning: Worship service at UUFR with Rev. Hardies
  • Sun. afternoon: Voter registration action with UUFR (lunch provided)
  • Sun. 6 pm: All Souls bus departs for DC (dinner on the road)
  • Sun. 11 pm: Arrive back at ASC

*Or make your own travel and housing arrangements

Travel and housing options and costs: We will be requesting payment for those riding the bus to help defray the cost, and we can match you with others to share the cost of a motel room Friday night. (The bus will arrive too late Friday night for supporter housing to be a reasonable option). For those staying over Saturday night for the voter registration action, UUFR has graciously offered to provide supporter housing, depending on capacity. We expect to have more information shortly about costs and a link for payment (in 2014 the bus ride was $80 with a discount for children and youth, and a shared motel room was between $30 and $50 per person.) We also expect to have some funds to cover costs for those who could not otherwise participate.

You are, of course, welcome to make your own travel and housing arrangements and simply join us at the events. We will provide information on how to meet up with the All Souls contingent before the march on Saturday. If you prefer to drive/carpool, we can help facilitate ride shares.

Information for families and youth: All ages are welcome at the march and we encourage families to travel with us on the bus. However, children under 18 riding the bus must be accompanied by their parents or by a designated adult with written parental permission. We encourage youth to participate in the voter registration action.

About the Moral March and the HK on J Coalition

Learn more about the Moral March and the coalition that has gathered for ten years for this march. Below is a message about this year’s gathering:

Our legislators are systematically seeking to abridge and suppress our vote and disrespect the rivers of blood which made our vote possible - we will mobilize like never before and cast ballots like never before. We will vote those who will pass just and moral policies that help the “least of these” and those who are most oppressed.

The Moral March on Raleigh is part of a love and justice movement. We LOVE justice in Education; We LOVE Economic Sustainability, We LOVE Workers and Workers’ Rights and Livable Wages; We LOVE Health Care For All, Medicaid Expansion: We LOVE our Environment; We LOVE Equal Protection Under the Law, without regard to creed, race, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation; We LOVE Voting Rights For All; We LOVE criminal justice.

We LOVE the most vulnerable within our State and Nation; We LOVE the power and beauty of diversity within our State and Nation; We LOVE our neighbors; WE ARE IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER! And We are determined to go “FORWARD TOGETHER, NOT ONE STEP BACK!”

Fall 2016 preview

We will continue our actions this fall, traveling to North Carolina for voter registration and also supporting Get Out the Vote canvassing and phone banks. We are actively engaged in identifying ways to support voting rights in the District of Columbia. We welcome your ideas and support for these actions and will be meeting after the February trip to plan for the fall.

This will be a very important year in the struggle for voting rights so please be thinking about how you can be a part of it.

About the All Souls Church Reeb Project for Voting Rights

The Reeb Project is named in honor of former All Souls associate minister James Reeb – beaten to death in 1965 when he went to Selma, Alabama, to march for voting rights. The Project has four goals for its work through 2016:

  1. Have impact on the national discussion on voting rights by leveraging our unique history, DC location and influence within Unitarian Universalism.
  2. Increase voter turnout in a specific North Carolina community during the 2014 and 2016 election cycles by working in solidarity with local UU congregations and people of color and progressive partner organizations.
  3. Continually raise consciousness of the injustice of our own disenfranchisement as DC residents and seek remedies to this injustice.
  4. Build the Beloved Community within and beyond our walls by developing a multiracial, multicultural voting rights team at All Souls and by working in solidarity and partnership with communities of color.

2014 – 2015 Accomplishments

  • February 2014: More than 200 All Souls members and friends marched in Moral March in Raleigh, NC with the UUA as part of the Forward Together/Moral Mondays movement
  • June 2014: Flashmob on Supreme Court steps to mark gutting of Voting Rights Act
  • Summer 2014: Teach ins with national voting rights organizations
  • September 2014: Voter registration weekend in Charlotte, NC, with UU Church of Charlotte and Piedmont UU Church registers hundreds of new voters
  • October-November 2014: Get out the Vote phone banks with Democracy North Carolina make thousands of calls, successfully increase turn out of African-American first time voters and others
  • February 2015: Reeb project returns to Moral March in Raleigh
  • March 2015: All Souls delegation travels to Selma for 50th Anniversary of bridge crossing
  • July 2015: Reeb Project joined NC NAACP for a massive teach in and Raleigh in Winston-Salem, NC to mark start of trial of Monster NC Voter Suppression law

How to Get Involved

Want to learn more or help organize? Contact us at or visit