Weekend Retreat: Philosophy as a Way of Life?

Thank you for your interest in the weekend philosophical retreat!  In order to participate, please respond to the questions below and submit the form by July 15. The retreat leader, John Tambornino (john.tambornino@gmail.com) will get in touch with you. If you are unsure whether to participate, feel free to contact John at (202) 294-4677.

What is your relationship to All Souls Church (e.g., are you a member, if so for how long, are there activities other than services in which you participate)? Have you participated in Adult Spiritual Development offerings (if so, please list)?
Have you studied philosophy or closely related subjects (this is NOT required!)? If so, please note courses, books, or perspectives of greatest interest.
How would you describe your spiritual or philosophical orientation?
Why are you interested in this retreat, and what would you most want to experience or accomplish?
Will you be able to be present for the entire retreat (5pm Friday, September 29 – 2pm Sunday, October 1) and for the pre- and post-meetings (1-3 pm Sunday, September 17 and October 15)?
The retreat center does not allow the use of any electronic devices on the premises. Would this work for you?
Is there anything else you would like to share or inquire about in advance?