Of, By, and For All the People

Inspired by our faith tradition's insistence on democratic process, Theodore Parker called on government to be "of, by, and for all the people." Abraham Lincoln's version of Parker's words became the definition of democracy the world over, rallying the dispossessed to its just and hopeful call. Coming from this heritage, today, on this Earth Day, we are faced with the immense, urgent moral issue of climate change. We need like never before the full wisdom, accountability, inspiration, and strength that lived democratic process provides us. And we need each one of us, for, as Susan B. Anthony once put it, "failure is impossible."

Rev. Dr. Terence Ellen, a UU minister for 28 years, is executive director of UUs for Social Justice in the National Capital Region. He is a founding member of Interfaith Moral Action on Climate and serves on the Board of Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

27 Apr 2014
Rev. Dr. Terence Ellen