There's More To Life Than Productivity

Many of us have anxiety surrounding a lack of productivity. Self-care or a necessary nap can be mistaken as selfish or wasted hours: Don't I have something more important to do? Retirement can result in depression: Who am I if I'm not my job? This line of thinking signals a dangerous attachment and addiction to productivity. Join guest preacher, Christin Green, to explore how to recognize this and how we might shift our perspective.

Christin Green is a recent graduate Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC (May 2019). She is the adopted daughter of two women who raised her in a suburb of Kansas City, MO. Christin transplanted to Washington, DC, in 2008 to earn a Master of Arts in Women's Studies from The George Washington University. After completing her Masters, she decided to stay in the area and pursue nonprofit work. The continuing search for purpose led her to attend seminary. Upon graduation, Christin accepted a chaplain resident position in Newark, DE, at Christiana Care Hospital from August 2019-2020. She looks forward to sharing her time and talent as a musician, a poet, a lifelong learner, and a UU minister in formation. 

7 Jul 2019
Christin Green