Are We Building or Being Built by the Beloved Community? Reflections from the Worlds of Change and Transition

We often talk of “Building the Beloved Community,” but that is only half the reality. The other half is that it is we who are built and transformed by the evolution of the Beloved Community. We will consider the implications of a well-known model for transitions to look at some beliefs we hold about how change and transition works…and how the building and being built by Beloved Community might work. When we switch our lens from “change” to “deep transition” our entire way of thinking about what is going on is altered. Through the lens of transition, we will consider what has to end—what we might have to give up—to make space for what is to emerge. And what is to emerge cannot be fully known today. Many of the notions we hold about change actually get in the way of making successful transitions. Together, by looking at our personal experiences of transitions, we will confirm some of the core beliefs we hold about this deep transition we call Beloved Community…and together we will also profoundly challenge other beliefs we have about our journey to Beloved Community.

4 Sep 2016
Michael Milano