Leadership Development and Nominating Committee

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At All Souls Church, we need leaders like you to support our vibrant community and mission. Finding and supporting leaders is the job of All Souls’ Leadership Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC).


The 15-member LDNC is nominated by the Church Council and elected by the Congregation to 1) recruit, screen, and nominate candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees and as church officers; and 2) develop and train an emerging cohort of strong church leaders.

Who We Are

Maya Hermann and Chuck Wooldridge, co-chairs, Brenda Barbour, Victor Branham, Sunu Chandy, Barbara Corprew, Mary Beth Hatem, Robert McClinton, Mark Matthews, Kathy Mulvey, Kerry Reichs, Derek Robinson, Paula Shoecraft, Mary Topolinski, Ben Whelan-Morin.

How We Work

The LDNC strives to publicize as widely and as frequently as possible the positions that need to be filled and the skills and experience candidates should possess. We issue an open invitation for any member of the church to apply. In addition, candidates may be recruited personally. Each candidate is interviewed by two or more committee members. Individuals references are contacted and a background check is conducted drawing on publicly available data.

A slate of candidates will be announced prior to the annual meeting in December. Bios and photographs will appear on the church website and candidates will make themselves available after services. During the annual Congregational Meeting in December, church members will vote up or down on the LDNC’s nominated candidates. Other candidates may be nominated by petition or from the floor.

Read the Candidate Assessment Protocol.

Why a Slate? Why Not Have More Than One Candidate Per Position?

The LDNC is elected by the congregation for the purpose of selecting highly qualified nominees. It strives to put together a qualified, diverse slate using a thorough and rigorous screening process, with interviews and reference checks. Other candidates may still be put forward by petition or from the floor. While nominating competing candidates might appear to be a more transparent process, past experience has shown that some qualified candidates are reluctant to submit to a competitive campaign. Losing candidates, once rejected, can be discouraged from active participation in church life.

What Positions Are Currently Open?

For 2019, there will be three vacant Board of Trustees seats. Board members serve for three years on rotating terms.

Officers, each serving a one-year term, may renew for a maximum of three years. The church officers are moderator, treasurer, assistant treasurer, secretary, assistant secretary, and membership secretary. For 2019, members may apply for the moderator, treasurer, secretary, or assistant secretary positions.

In addition to the positions above, the Church Council nominates at least five church members each year to serve three-year terms on the Leadership Development and Nominating Committee.

Criteria for Leadership

All Souls has a wealth of talent and accomplishment. Just as the church itself aspires to greater diversity, the LDNC seeks a group of qualified leaders with strong participation of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual and gender identities, economic classes, abilities, occupations, and family structures. Because of the nature of the work of the board, we are always seeking trustee candidates with legal, financial, human resources, or management experience. In addition, all candidates are asked to commit to completing the Jubilee Anti-Racism course or other similar training if they have not already done so at the time of their election. Lastly, all elected leaders must be voting members of the congregation.

What Skills Are Sought in All Souls Leaders?

Besides a demonstrated commitment to All Souls, successful board members usually bring some or all of the following:

  • familiarity with institutional governance;
  • experience with budgets and finance;
  • broad acquaintance within the congregation;
  • a collegial temperament;
  • an ability to listen;
  • problem-solving skills;
  • discretion; and
  • a strong work ethic.

Moderator: Public speaking skills; large meeting management skills.

Treasurer: A background in financial management.

Assistant treasurer: Recruitment and organizing ability; reliability; attention to detail.

Secretary: Facility with writing, listening and observation skills, attention to detail.

Assistant Secretary: Planning and organizational skills; facility with writing; knowledge of the various committees and interest groups at All Souls.

Membership secretary: data collection and analysis; correspondence and presentation skills.

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How Does the LDNC Develop Leaders?

Overseen by the LDNC but run by the Leadership Development Course Planning Committee, All Souls leadership training consists of six half-day Saturday sessions to identify and strengthen the qualities sought in committee and elected leaders. The next session will be offered January-April 2019; registration will be announced in December.

Additionally, the LDNC holds a Leadership Social in the spring for past, present, and potential church leaders to get together in an informal context to build relationships and learn about potential leadership opportunities.

The LDNC also hosts occasional short seminars on leadership skills throughout the church year.

Join Us!

Members of the LDNC are nominated by the Church Council and elected by the Congregation at the annual meeting in December. If you are interested in serving on the LDNC in 2019, please contact LDNC co-chairs Maya Hermann (hermann.maya@icloud.com) and Chuck Wooldridge (cwooldridge108@comcast.net).