Leadership Development and Nominating Committee

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Trustee and Officer Nominees

The Leadership Development Nominating Committee (LDNC) is composed of 15 All Souls members who serve three-year terms. Committee members are nominated by the Church Council and elected by the congregation each year at the annual meeting. The committee is charged with two core goals: 1) identify and develop a diverse group of leaders in the congregation to strengthen shared ministry and lay leadership at All Souls, and 2) nominate candidates for the All Souls trustee and officer positions that reflect the values of our community.

Each year the LDNC reviews the trustee and officer positions that will be vacant in the following year, and consults with the current board on needed skills, experience, and diversity in order for the Board to fulfill its own goals and provide strong, committed, diverse, and talented leadership for our church. The LDNC follows established protocols as described in the church’s by-laws, and develops and implements a year-long action plan to identify, recruit, interview, and nominate candidates for election at the annual meeting each December.

Nominees listed below will be available to chat with congregants during coffee hour on November 11 and 18. Votes for these offices will be cast at the congregational annual meeting on December 2.

Candidates for Board of Trustees (five positions)

Libbie Buchele (3-year term)

Libbie Buchele,trustee  nomineeI’m a second generation Unitarian Universalist. I grew up in the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor, and have been at All Souls since 1995. I have worked on many different committees (including the search committee that resulted in the calling of Rob Hardies), and have sung in both choirs. I have served in many key leadership positions, including Weekend on the Bay and the Reeb Project. Those who have served with me would likely universally acknowledge that I am outspoken and ask difficult questions, but that I also listen, work hard and try to find solutions.

I am fluent in Spanish and French. I have held several positions in the federal government, including Chief Operating Officer. I also worked for 9 years at a nonprofit network of health clinics. It was a majority-minority organization with daily culture clashes and moments of amazing teamwork as we worked under pressure to serve the underserved.

My older sister Theresa was biracial. The unspoken rules in the UU church where I grew up was that we shouldn’t discuss racial and cultural differences or talk about the color of someone’s skin. Our UU tendency seems to be to become silent when we are faced with difficult situations where we might need to challenge our customs or adapt to something new. We need to try to figure out how we move forward together as a congregation in a way that acknowledges our differences and how these differences make us stronger. I’d like to help.

Tehani Collazo (3-year term)

Tehani Collazo, trustee nomineeI have been a member of All Souls since 2010 and over the years, the church has been a guiding force through different chapters in my life. Over the years I have served on the Beckner Committee, Committee on Ministry and volunteered with the Religious Education program. Through Sunday services, covenant groups and friendship, All Souls has been a support and consistent community for me. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the church as a board member and hope to support the church community through this time of transition.

The DC metro area has been home on and off for the past 20 years. I am a proud DC homeowner along with my black lab, Smokee and happy to have my mom, sister and friends living nearby.

I have worked as an educator and researcher for different organizations; currently I lead the early childhood education team at DC Public Schools. In addition to family and friends, my loves are running, sailing, and live music - listening to it, playing it, and dancing to it.

Nadine Ramos (3-year term)

Nadine Ramos, trustee nomineeMy spouse Matthew and I started attending and joined All Souls in 2011. In 2012 we were married in the sanctuary. We feel a deep sense of community at All Souls and enjoy participating in the church. One of the first things I did at All Souls was participate in Jubilee training. I had never heard of anti-racism training and was quite curious. It was an incredibly rich and enlightening experience that led to another rewarding opportunity. Paula Cole-Jones invited myself and a fellow Jubilee participant, Ellie Pfefferman, to moderate ADORE with her mentorship. I have also served as a Worship Associate. While I served in that role on many Sundays, the Sundays after the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church and the 2016 presidential election were particularly emotional and memorable. On those days, I was particularly grateful to be part of the All Souls community. We have found that All Souls can hold our sorrows and yet still leave much space for joy.

My professional life is centered at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There I work in the division that evaluates tests for diagnosing infectious diseases in humans. I also practice 1-2 Saturdays a month in a small animal clinic to keep my clinical skills current.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our church community as a trustee. I know this is a challenging time for our community and I look forward to working with others to find the opportunities hidden within the challenges.

Cheryl Gray (1-year term)

Cheryl Gray, trustee nomineeI joined All Souls in early 2010 and have been a member of the All Souls Choir and the Explorers covenant group for 8 years, and served as church Treasurer for four years, 2011–2014, a period that included the $12 million building renovation. As Treasurer I worked closely with the Board and Executive Director, and I would like to draw on this experience to help the Board and Executive Team deal with issues of church governance and management in the coming year. I believe deeply in the mission of All Souls and the importance of sustaining its liberal and inclusive values in today’s world. I retired recently from a long career in international development with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. My husband, Dale, and I have three grown children.

Erika Landberg (1-year term)

Erika Landberg, trustee nomineeI joined All Souls in 1988, and during my years at the Church I’ve been fortunate to serve as both a Trustee and President of the Board as well as Church Moderator. Being a Trustee gave me experience with church governance, both before and after our adoption of Policy Governance. As Moderator, chairing the Council made up of Church lay leaders helped me understand how all of us in our various committees and other roles carry out the work of the church. I’m intensely interested in how our church governs and operates. I think our large size and the present moment call us to make some changes. I’d like to work on that as a one-year member of the Board of Trustees, with the hope that my experience would be helpful. While I have no illusions that the work will be easy, I know it must be done collaboratively and with love and humility. I’m a former teacher, was a member of the DC Board of Education for 8 years, and presently work part-time with Teaching for Change. We have two sons; son Steve is a member of All Souls.


Co-Moderator: Mike Hill

Mike Hill, Co-Moderator nomineeMy career has been devoted to empowering youth and communities to reconnect to and shape the places they live, play, work and learn. I am a 35- year resident of the DMV, beginning during my undergrad studies at Catholic University. My involvement with All Souls began in 1997, when I and my wife Mychalene Giampaoli were looking for a church to get married. Since then, we have been active with Cafe Society, All Souls Housing, the Beckner Committee, RE, theater productions, voter registration and other activities. Significantly, I worked with the church and local communities to redesign the Girard Street Playground in the late 1990s - early 2000s. I have welcomed the chance to live my UU values through my work teaching young people at the National Building Museum and area nonprofits; and promoting conservation and healthy recreation at the Forest Service. Mychalene, our daughter Lucia, and I live in the Brightwood/Manor Park/Takoma area of DC.

Treasurer: Mark Regulinski

Mark Regulinski, nominee for treasurerAs I suspect many others did shortly after the most recent presidential election, my wife Alisa set out in search of a group of kindred spirits who we might engage in some form of group therapy to develop a wider, collective understanding as to why the election turned out as it did.

A Google search did not take long before Alisa alit on a YouTube video of Reverend Hardies’ sermon of Sunday November 13, 2016 and deemed it so moving as to make certain that we did not miss the next Sunday service. While this was intended to be just an initial stop on what we had anticipated to be a multi-venue tour, the 9:30 service on Sunday December 4th proved to be our first and only stop on the anticipated tour. Following that service we agreed that we had found a place that perfectly reflected a combination of spirituality, community engagement, and social values which aligned with our own aspirations.

My past civic engagements include service as the chair of the Finance Committee and subsequently as the Board Treasures for two non-profit entities – the American Institute of Architects (New York Chapter) and the Center for Architecture in New York City.

My professional life comprises a Master’s degree in architecture and approximately 40 years of experience as a project manager, director, and subsequently the managing partner of certain domestic and international offices of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Secretary: Carrie Davidson

Carrie Davidson, nominee for secretaryI was raised UU in Cleveland Ohio and on served on the Board at First Universalist of Minneapolis. At All Souls, I have served on numerous committees and, this year, am teaching middle school RE.

We need one another now more than ever. All Souls is a unique and vital sanctuary for all of us. It needs each of us to show up to help it be continue to grow, even almost 200 years since its founding.

I am committed to the church’s embodying the values in the 8th principle, and to greater involvement of all members in efforts to make our governance structures fully accountable to those we serve. I will use social media and the church’s own communication channels to make the board’s meeting dates, agendas, minutes and supporting documents more accessible to All Souls members.

If elected, I would welcome your suggestions for making the board’s communication with the church more effective as well as your feedback.

The following officers are renewing their roles for a maximum of three years:

Membership Secretary: Jennifer Bruneau (entering 3rd year)

Jen Bruneau, membership secretary







About the LDNC

The 15-member LDNC is nominated by the Church Council and elected by the Congregation to 1) recruit, screen, and nominate candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees and as church officers; and 2) develop and train an emerging cohort of strong church leaders.

Who We Are

Maya Hermann and Chuck Wooldridge, co-chairs, Brenda Barbour, Victor Branham, Sunu Chandy, Barbara Corprew, Mary Beth Hatem, Robert McClinton, Mark Matthews, Kathy Mulvey, Kerry Reichs, Derek Robinson, Paula Shoecraft, Mary Topolinski, Ben Whelan-Morin.