Hiroshima Children's Drawings (HCD) Committee

In 1948, inspired by the sermons of the Rev. A. Powell Davies, children at All Souls collected school supplies to send to Hiroshima, Japan. In appreciation, the school children in Hiroshima created original works of art, which they sent back to All Souls as gifts. The HCD Committee shares this transformative story as part of All Souls’ peace and reconciliation initiative. Major activities include sponsoring visitors from as far away as Japan to learn about the drawings; sharing the story with other congregations through a traveling docents program; arranging traveling exhibitions; and building relationships with Japanese and other US partners in peace activities. HCD is sponsoring the 30 member multigenerational Heiwa Peace Pilgrimage to Hiroshima in August 2014.

Chuck Wooldridge
Judith Bauer
Saturday, April 27, 2013
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