2015 Generosity Campaign

Vision-driven, member-supported

If you made a pledge in 2014, pick one of the first three buttons, which will take you to a simple form that asks only for your name and email address. If you didn't make a pledge in 2014, or if you'd like to pledge a different amount, pick the fourth button and complete that online form. The fifth button will open up a PDF version of the pledge card, which you can then print and submit by mail or by hand.

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You can also make online donations through Access ACS, our church database system. Log in here to manage your account.


In the Unitarian Universalist tradition, the members of a church own the building and everything in it and are responsible for providing financial support for all the operations and programs of the congregation.

So how do we—as an All Souls generation early in the 21st century—use our resources in a way that honors our 190-year old past and secures our future?

Every fall, our Annual Generosity Campaign calls us to commit our personal resources to the ongoing work of this church:

  • Sunday worship—music, sermons, and education that stirs and nourishes our souls;
  • social justice programs such as voting rights work in North Carolina, raising awareness of the implications of climate change, helping re-build the Lower 9th in New Orleans, and fair housing and immigrant rights in our own city;
  • welcoming the congregation and community into our beautiful renovated building;
  • employing a chief program officer to align our programs with our mission;
  • staff that enables the work of the church, and the maintenance of our church home.

Our annual budget also includes support of the national and regional (Joseph Priestley District) UU offices, which provide important vision and programmatic and administrative support to all member churches.

All told, our annual budget is $1.5 million, of which 78% comes from our pledges.

While we can’t all pledge the same amount, we can ALL pledge SOMETHING to the church that nurtures and sustains us.

How much does All Souls mean to you?If you’re new to pledging or earn less than $10,000/year, why not start with 2%–3% of your income? As your commitment to the church grows, so can your pledge. Tithing, familiar to those from more traditional church backgrounds, calls for a full 10%. It is obviously your decision to make, but we hope you will live out your spiritual principles by giving generously. Feel free to use the following Fair Share Guidelines.

Fair Share Guidelines

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