Congregational Meeting 2018

December 2, 2018

Cover letter from Church Council Co-Chairs


Meeting Agenda

Call to Order

Opening Prayer and Meditation

Meeting Administration

  • Confirmation of Quorum, Adoption of Rules and Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes from 2017 Annual Meeting

Opening Statements and Reports

  • Senior Minister
  • Membership Secretary
  • Board of Trustees President
  • Church Council Co-Chairs

Transformation Team

  • Report on David Pyle’s Recommendations
  • Looking Ahead

Bylaws Amendment on Personnel: Staff Supervision

Financial Reporting

  • 2019 Budget Presentation and Discussion
  • Vote on the Budget


  • Board Trustees and Officers:  Leadership Development and Nominating Committee (LDNC) Report, Introductions, Nominations from the floor, Vote
  • LDNC New Members: Church Council Report, Introductions, Nominations from the Floor, Vote

New Business

Closing Prayer



Draft Minutes of 2017 Congregational Meeting

2019 Budget (updated Nov. 29, 2018)

Report of the Leadership Development and Nominating Committee


Bylaws Amendment

On October 24, 2018, the Board of Trustees voted to adopt David Pyle’s third recommendation (in the July 23, 2018, Governance Report). Pyle writes: “Hire an Executive Director who is accountable to and hired by the Board, with direct responsibility for all congregational administration, finance, and operations, with the Senior Minister and Board President serving as the day-to-day accountability liaisons of the Board for the Executive Director. The Executive Director should be hired by the Board of Trustees (with the Senior Minister as a member of the Board of Trustees) and should be directly accountable to the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director would have direct authority over all administrative, operational, staff supervision and hiring (other than ordained clergy), financial management, and volunteer management. The Executive Director is directly responsible to the Board of Trustees for all monitoring on all administrative, operational, and staff policy monitoring. The Senior Minister and the Board President serve as the Executive Director’s liaison and contact in-between Board meetings, without lessening the overall authority of the Board of Trustees. The Senior Minister will engage the Executive Director within the Governing Policies as promulgated by the Board. This will include policy defining how the Executive Director and the Senior Minister relate regarding areas where the ministry and program responsibilities of the Senior Minister and Executive Director intersect.”

Based on this recommendation, the Board unanimously passed a motion to delete the second sentence in All Souls Bylaws Article IX Section 2 and to delete all of Section 3. The second sentence in Section 2 reads “Subject to Board-approved policies, the Senior Minister shall be responsible for the retention and supervision of all staff.” Section 3 reads “The Senior Minister shall chair an Executive Team composed of the Senior Minister and other senior staff and/or lay leaders designated by the Board of Trustees and the Senior Minister. Operating under policies established by the Board and available for inspection by the congregation, the Executive Team shall oversee all staff and, in a spirit of shared ministry, shall coordinate the implementation of the Church’s policies as delegated by the Board of Trustees.”

Proposed Bylaws Change