Board Meeting Minutes

The CoM, a standing committee of the Board of Trustees, supports, strengthens, and enriches the shared ministry of the church, both lay and professional. Meetings are closed and confidential, to allow for frank discussion of ministerial issues, including evaluation of shared ministry and the senior minister. The Board appoints members for three-year terms.

A standing committee of the Board of Trustees, we advise the Board on the church’s investment accounts and guidelines and oversee our professional investment managers. We report to the Board on the performance of the endowment funds and recommend annual disbursements to support the church’s operations. We also provide guidance on the financing of capital improvements to the church.

Appointed by the Board of Trustees, we coordinate the church’s conflict resolution process. One of our responsibilities is to identify and recruit mediators and provide training in conflict resolution. More information at

A standing committee of the Board of Trustees, we ensure that the regular church audit process is objective and independent and oversee the internal accounting controls and practices of the church. Since the completion of the recent audit, we are working to update the church's manual of policies and procedures. We meet monthly (except during the summer) and are looking for people to add their voices to our group.

The Council comprises the church’s lay leaders of committees, groups, and activities, trustees and officers, and staff. We meet to implement the work of the church, share information, support and coordinate programs, and develop leadership. The Council’s 16-member Steering Committee plans and implements the Council meetings and monitors and reports on progress towards realizing the church’s visioning goals.