Past Grantees

2018 External Grantees

Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC (ONE DC) organizes low-to-moderate-income families of color to exercise their political strength to create and preserve racial and economic equity in the District of Columbia. Beckner funding will support the Black Workers Centers’ Software Apprenticeshift Program which pairs low-income black and Latinx residents with experienced tech professionals in a year-long coding training and apprenticeship program.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) DC’s #KeepDC4Me campaign is committed to finding non-police solutions to intra-community violence and ending police brutality by confronting and dismantling institutions and systems of state-sanctioned violence and oppression that displace and criminalize Black people through political education, community power, and direct action in Southeast DC. Beckner funding will support BLM DC’s NEAR ACT Ambassador trainings which provide residents of each Ward with the knowledge and skills necessary to mobilize their local neighborhoods and pressure elected officials to fully fund and implement the NEAR Act.

Kindred cultivates relationships between parents of diverse economic and racial backgrounds in gentrifying elementary schools and builds parent capacity to take action within their school to address the root causes of the opportunity gap. Beckner funding will support a three-year parent dialogue-to-action program at Bancroft Elementary which will build a diverse coalition of parent activists who have the mindsets, tools, and relationships necessary to advance equity and meaningfully change outcomes in their school so that all students thrive.

The Fair Budget Coalition (FBC) brings together advocacy organizations, service providers, and community members to advocate for budget and public policy initiatives that seek to address systemic social, racial, and economic inequality in the District of Columbia. Beckner funding will support FBC’s Constituent Leadership Program which gives constituents a greater understanding of the budget process, hones their leadership skills, and provides decision-making authority within FBC’s structure to the people most impacted by policy change.

Justice for Muslim’s Collective combats institutional and structural Islamophobia in the DC metro area through grassroots organizing focused on creating mechanisms of community defense for Muslims, building community resilience through healing and wellness programs, leadership development and training focused on Muslim women, and alliance/coalition-building across movements. General operating funds from Beckner will support all four of Justice for Muslim’s Collective’s programming areas (Community Defense, Muslim Healing and Wellness Program, Alliance/Coalition-Building, and the Muslim Women’s Organizing Institute) and build out the infrastructure of the organization.

2018 Internal Grantees

Beloved Conversations - The project will inaugurate “Beloved Conversations” as a new and key component to All Souls aspiration to be a counter-oppressive, anti-racist, multi-cultural congregation. It will train the All Souls staff and an initial group of team-leaders, and establish 6 small groups that will meet for an initial retreat and 8 two-hour sessions. BC is a well-tested, comprehensive, structured anti-racism curriculum developed by Meadville Lombard professor and All Souls parishioner Mark Hicks.

The Reproductive Justice Initiative will host two events that bring national and local leaders in reproductive justice to ASC, with the intention of building a faith-based network of activists for reproductive justice both within and beyond ASC. These events follow up on the success of a talk by Christian reproductive justice advocate and abortion provider Dr. Willie Parker that we hosted in September. The committee’s first event will feature Monica Simpson, the Executive Director of SisterSong (the nation’s oldest and largest woman of color-led reproductive justice organization). The second will bring together DC-based service providers and activists for a panel discussion on what faith organizations can do to support their efforts.

Jubilee Kids - Traditionally, Jubilee trainings have educated adults on the definition, history, and effects of racism, helped to build members’ anti-racist identities, and equipped members to dismantle racism and other systems of oppression in All Souls, the UUA, and the community outside our doors. Jubilee Kids will extend this training to children, providing an anti-racist perspective from which to learn about the world and the opportunity to develop anti-racist identities during their formative years. Jubilee Kids is an investment in our children that honors the roles that children and youth have played in the Civil Rights Movement and other anti-oppression work, historically and currently. Offering Jubilee Kids will enable parents to participate in the concurrent adult Jubilee training without the challenge or expense of child care and encourage family commitment to anti-racist work.

Immigrant and Refugee Assistance Fund - The current administration’s campaign against documented and undocumented immigrants has led to an exponential increase in the requests for both financial and non-financial assistance from All Souls. Through the Refugee Support Initiative (“RSI”), working closely with the Sanctuary Movement Support Committee and church staff, the congregation can provide critical support, develop meaningful relationships, and learn from working with a small number of immigrants in need. This assistance fund, initiated with equal contributions from the Beckner Fund and the congregation, would allow us to provide much needed financial support in some of these cases. Committing to assist a small number of individuals and families a unique window into the challenges they face. The experience and relationships will help All Souls become more sophisticated and effective as advocates for culture and policy change.

Engaging Young Souls in Anti-Racism Jubilee - This project will cover the cost of 10 Young Souls attending the June 2018 and/or January 2019 Jubilee Anti-Racism training. Over the past year, Young Souls board members have been made aware that the group is not a safe space for people of color. The Jubilee training is intended to help Young Souls to continue to make this group of over 300 people a safe space for all.