ASD Class/Workshop Proposal Form


The Adult Spiritual Development (ASD) Committee would like to bring all appropriate classes, workshops, programs, reading groups, retreats, and other spiritual development/religious education events under one umbrella so that congregants have a centralized place to find all such offerings. If you (as an individual), your group, or your committee is planning to offer, or would like to offer, a class, please fill out the form below.

As a co-sponsor of the class, the Committee will

  • include it in the ASD catalogue;
  • advertise it in All Souls publications and on the website;
  • let people register and pay for it through the online process;
  • provide administrative support where possible (reserving rooms, etc.);
  • distribute class materials (on a pre-arranged basis); and
  • provide evaluation and feedback.
If your program is sponsored by a group/committee, let us know who that is.
Please provide a brief description of the program (not to exceed 500 characters, including spaces and punctuation; about 3.5 lines of text in this box).
You may include a longer description.
Please give the names, emails, and phone numbers for the leaders of the program. The ASD Committee recommends having two. We will use the name and email of the first leader as the initial contact information.
Preferred meeting time
Indicate a preferred date and time, or choose a preferred repeating meeting time.
No. of participants