Asbestos abatement

On Nov. 17-18, 2014, our contractor, ACM, will conduct asbestos abatement on the lower level. The work, which will be completed within a single workweek, involves certified abatement specialists removing old heating pipes wrapped in asbestos. Everything will be cleaned and safe for use on the following Sunday.

The process is as follows:

  • The area is sealed with a containment structure of two layers of plastic.
  • Using an exhaust fan with a micro trap filter creates negative air pressure, preventing air from leaving the structure. A certified industrial hygienist checks the internal and external air pressure.
  • Certified asbestos workers wearing protective suits and respirators remove the asbestos. Using a portable shower, the workers wash off any contaminants before leaving the area.
  • The removed asbestos is placed in sealed bags, which are taken to a central collection point and then transported to special disposal sites. Chain of custody paperwork tracks the material from the job site to the disposal site.
  • After the asbestos is removed, workers spray the area with an encapsulating material.
  • The industrial hygienist tests the air inside and outside the containment structure to make sure no asbestos is airborne. Once the test results come back negative for asbestos, the structure is removed.

If you have any questions about the process, contact Katie Loughary (; 202.517.1463).