8th Principle Task Force

The mission of the 8th Principle Task Force is to implement anti-racism tools and practices toward institutional cultural change that best supports “a journey toward spiritual wholeness by building a diverse, multicultural ‘Beloved Community’ that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions.” This work is clearly more important than ever.

Jubilee Anti-Racism Training

In May, we offer two Jubilee Anti-Racism Trainings: one for people of color, the other for white allies who've already completed the initial training. The 2.5 day trainings will take place Friday, May 19 (6:00-9:00 pm); Saturday, May 20 (8:30 am-9:00 pm); and Sunday, May 21 (12:30-4:00 pm). Membership at All Souls is not required to participate. Register below.

Jubilee People of Color Collaboration and Anti-Racism Training

Do you identify as a person of color? Hope to nurture a multicultural future? Want to challenge our current political and social environment? Wish to deepen your understanding of the experiences of your peers and neighbors?

This Jubilee Anti-Racism Training is a space for diverse communities of color to facilitate conversation and build unity. We gather to discuss our unique perspectives, similar experiences with racism, and work to break down the barriers that divide us from one another. Let us work together to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism.

We’ll discuss:

  • promoting unity;
  • dialogue and understanding;
  • crossing racial boundaries;
  • systemic racism; and
  • differences in experience.

The cost of the training is $150. This price ensures that we can cover expenses while providing opportunities for all to participate. Your contribution is vital. If the cost of the training is a barrier, we are providing this inaugural training at a discount of $99. Enrollment is limited to 40 participants, so register today!

Jubilee Refresher and Enhancer Training for Allies

Are you a person who identifies as white? Have you taken Jubilee training before? Have you felt a renewed urgency to act since last Fall? Are you looking to grow in ally-ship with other anti-racist white people and people of color? Do you long for community in the pursuit of racial and social justice?

Building on the success of the Jubilee Anti-Racism Training, All Souls is hosting an advanced, action-focused session for white people who have previously attended a Jubilee training. This training will be done in partnership with a Jubilee for People of Color held the same weekend.

We’ll discuss:

  • ways to work together to build capacity to effectively work with other white people;
  • recognizing the pit-falls we run into when striving to be anti-racist white people;
  • strengthening our community organizing skills and our understanding of our historical circumstances; and
  • growing in ally-ship and the spiritual side of growth.

The cost of the training is $155. This fee includes meals, materials, and trainer fees. Enrollment is limited to 40 participants, so register today!