2019 pledge form

This form conveys to us your commitment to financially support All Souls Church Unitarian in 2019. It is as much a promise to yourself as it is to the church. We know that circumstances change, so if you need to change your commitment at any time, don't hesitate to let us know (by contacting Gary Penn at gpenn@allsouls.ws).

Completing this form will not start payments towards fulfilling your pledge. That is up to you. If you'd like to set up automatic payments, you can do that here. You can also set them up using your own bank's online system (and that will save the church from paying fees). You can also, of course, drop checks or cash in the basket on Sundays; if you do, please use the blue envelopes in the pews so that we can credit your gifts to your account.

Thank you for your generous support of All Souls Church. We are stronger together!

Please indicate the full amount of your financial commitment to All Souls for the 2019 calendar year. We encourage you to increase your 2018 pledge by 5%, 10%, 15%, or even more. If you're unsure and would like to know what your pledge was in 2018, please contact Gary Penn (gpenn@allsouls.ws; 202-517-1465).
Please indicate the schedule by which you would like to make payments towards your full financial commitment.
Please indicate the amount of each payment, based on the payment schedule you selected.
If you chose "stocks" or "other," please explain in the box below.
Use this box for comments, notes, instructions, or any other communication that does not fit in the form above.